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Panos Industries and Edward F. Panos

August 23, 2016
It is very true that Edward Panos is well-known as a business consultant and a venture capitalist, but he has done a lot more than just those things. Since he received an education at the University of Montana, besides being a savvy businessman, he has also become known for his philanthropy, with his focus being to help the homeless and to assist those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

For Edward Panos, this is his way of giving back to the community. He currently lives in Park City, Utah with his wife and two beautiful daughters, and he feels a strong desire to share his success. There is a lot of success to share; over the course of 19 years, Edward F. Panos has had a stellar career as a venture capitalist, business consultant, and start-up entrepreneur. Eight years ago, he founded Panos Industries, LLC, which focuses on investments in high growth, small-cap companies and helps them build.

As his business successes mounted, Panos has also managed to turn his passion for the independent film industry into yet another entrepreneurial opportunity, with his founding of Indie Film Funding, Inc., a crowd-funding platform to raise money for filmmakers in the movie industry.