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Edward F. Panos' Wealth of Experience

January 15, 2016
Edward F. Panos is a businessman who has been involved in a number of ventures over the years. This is putting it mildly, to be fair, he has significant experience because he has been involved in a range of industries through numerous companies. Ed Panis has worked to become an expert in his field by experiencing different industries and studying business, both through founding his own businesses and consulting for others.

Edward F. Panos is the co-founder of a number of companies, which have gone on to become successful. This includes companies like Bridges360 LLC, an alternative performance fund that he helped establish. He also co-founded Language Access Network, Inc., a video interpretation company that works in the medical field, and a crowdfunding platform that has focused on fund-raising for independent films and film companies called Indie Film Funding Inc. Panos is proud to be affiliated with the ventures and businesses that he has helped to found.

The eighteen years Edward F. Panos has spent in the business world has been as a venture capitalist and a start-up entrepreneur. He spent eight years working with Panos Industries LLC, a firm he founded. Panos Industries LLC existed to invest in and build high-growth and small-cap businesses. He has also worked as a business consultant for numerous companies, working in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, corporate awareness marketing, earn outs, corporate restructuring, and structuring.