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A Passion For Entrepreneurial Endeavors

April 15, 2016
A passion for creating and developing. That is a simple way to describe venture capitalist, Edward F Panos. For over 19 years, Panos has been founding companies and improving businesses. With a wide range of skills, he is able to enter into almost any field and develop improved systems or even found companies when he sees a gap in the business model.
Edward is not only a venture capitalist, but also a business/fund consultant and startup entrepreneur. Entrepreneur really is a great world to describe what he does as it implies discovery and development. For instance, Panos started to become interested in indie films and saw that there were no simple or direct ways for indie films to raise money to create their art. So, Edward F Panos founded Indie Films Funding, Inc. This company is designed specifically as a platform focused on raising money for indie films and the indie film industry. Another example is when he saw a need for interpretation in the medical industry. He then went on to establish Language Access Network, Inc which is a video interpretation company focused on the medical industry.

Where there is a need, Edward F Panos invests and invents. He is also an active philanthropist, giving to numerous charities for the less fortunate, or those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife and daughters.