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August 23, 2016
It is very true that Edward Panos is well-known as a business consultant and a venture capitalist, but he has done a lot more than just those things. Since he received an education at the University of Montana, besides being a savvy businessman, he has also become known for his philanthropy, with his focus being to help the homeless and to assist those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

For Edward Panos, this is his way of giving back to the community. He currently lives in Park City, Utah with his wife and two beautiful daughters, and he feels a strong desire to share his success. There is a lot of success to share; over the course of 19 years, Edward F. Panos has had a stellar career as a venture capitalist, business consultant, and start-up entrepreneur. Eight years ago, he founded Panos Industries, LLC, which focuses on investments in high growth, small-cap companies and helps them build.

As his business successes mounted, Panos has also managed to turn his passion for the independent film industry into yet another entrepreneurial opportunity, with his founding of Indie Film Funding, Inc., a crowd-funding platform to raise money for filmmakers in the movie industry.

A Passion For Entrepreneurial Endeavors

April 15, 2016
A passion for creating and developing. That is a simple way to describe venture capitalist, Edward F Panos. For over 19 years, Panos has been founding companies and improving businesses. With a wide range of skills, he is able to enter into almost any field and develop improved systems or even found companies when he sees a gap in the business model.
Edward is not only a venture capitalist, but also a business/fund consultant and startup entrepreneur. Entrepreneur really is a great world to describe what he does as it implies discovery and development. For instance, Panos started to become interested in indie films and saw that there were no simple or direct ways for indie films to raise money to create their art. So, Edward F Panos founded Indie Films Funding, Inc. This company is designed specifically as a platform focused on raising money for indie films and the indie film industry. Another example is when he saw a need for interpretation in the medical industry. He then went on to establish Language Access Network, Inc which is a video interpretation company focused on the medical industry.

Where there is a need, Edward F Panos invests and invents. He is also an active philanthropist, giving to numerous charities for the less fortunate, or those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife and daughters.

Is Apple’s Stock Going South or Can It Be Saved?

January 29, 2016
Park City, Utah Apple’s last quarter revenue of $75.9 Billion missed Wall Streets expectations along with the company’s own projections.
The company’s CEO Tim Cook, blames the world’s slowing economy and “the turbulent world around us,” making it more expensive for Apple to sell its products overseas. 
With oil prices falling at an all time low and the economy slowing around the globe, we are seeing negative conditions in places like Brazil where their “Real” is down almost 40% and Russia, where the “Ruble” is down more than 50%. 
While Apple’s management continues to point fingers and lay blame on the world’s economy, perhaps they should attack their own downfalls with a better strategy and look at what made them who they are in the first place.  It would appear that managements decisions, or lack their of, needs revamping as well.
Apple has been king of the technology mountain for a long time.  As a result, they have been sitting on an enormous amount of cash, over $205.7 billion since last reported in October of 2015.  Cash that could have been and should be used for acquisitions and expansion into diversified markets.  Instead, management has been resting its laurels of past successes and riding the proverbial wave of the past, which is now catching up to them.
Some would believe that expanding and diversifying their market share through acquisitions could save Apple from itself.  Many companies who are also “on top’ have remained so by looking for new business while keeping an eye on the competition.  Apple, an amazing technology company, could utilize their knowledge and technology by improving other sectors.  For example, why haven’t they made a bid for Tesla Motor Cars, a company that is on the cutting edge of the automobile industry?  Their combined technology labs could revolutionize the sector even more than Tesla has currently.
Maybe Tim Cook isn’t the visionary Apple needs to move forward.  Or maybe Apple should take a strategy out of Microsoft’s playbook where they just announced that they beat the street and analysts’ expectations, giving the stock a 7% gain for the day.  Remember a good offense is always a good defense.
Written by: Edward F. Panos
About Edward F. Panos:
Edward F. Panos has spent 19 years as a venture capitalist, business/fund consultant, and start-up entrepreneur; including eight years with his own firm Panos Industries, LLC.  His primary focus is investing in and building high growth, small-cap companies.  As a business consultant, he specializes in corporate structuring, corporate restructuring and earn outs, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate branding.  Mr. Panos has been the co-founder of several companies, including Bridges360, LLC. an alternative performance fund, which is focused on bridge financing for publicly traded companies, and Language Access Network, Inc., a video interpretation company focused on the medical industry.  Mr. Panos also has a passion for indie film and started Indie Film Funding, Inc., a crowd-funding platform focused on raising money for the indie movie industry through its website  Additionally, Mr. Panos is an avid philanthropist, dedicated to helping the less fortunate, homeless, and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Mr. Panos attended the University of Montana, is an alumni member of the Sigma Chi fraternal organization. He currently resides in Park City, Utah with his beautiful wife and his two daughters.
Edward Panos

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January 26, 2016

Edward Panos is season Venture Capitalist, Business and Fund Consultant, and Start-Up Entrepreneur, with over 18 years experience.  His primary focus has been investing in and building high growth, small-cap companies.  He currently consults with Bridges 360, LLC., and alternative performance fund, which provides short term bridge financing to publicly traded companies.  For more info, please visit or

China - Global Economic Meltdown or U.S. Investment Opportunity?

January 25, 2016
1 September 2015 - 15:42, by lin

China is at the forefront of economic discussions across the globe. Every market update about the global economy is increasingly pessimistic over the apparent economic downturn that China is experiencing. The media would lead you to believe that the U.S. economy is in a sense shackled to the Chinese economy. However if you look at the numbers, the U.S’ link to China is fairly minimal. China is more dependent upon the US to continue buying Chinese exports in order to keep their struggling economy going. The Chinese have gone so far as to lower the value of the Yuan to try to encourage foreign investment in Chinese goods. While this process has worked as a stop gap; it is only a temporary fix.

China’s Economy.

The Chinese are dependent upon investment from the United States. The Chinese do not create, they copy. The Chinese have developed an unparalleled manufacturing structure paired with a low wage work force that has allowed them to become the global hub for most manufacturing needs. However, while it may not be economically feasible to compete with China in terms of shear manufacturing capability, the U.S. is dominating in almost every other area. Innovation is driven in the U.S. and other key hotspots around the globe, but not in the world’s most populous country. China’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness, population growth. At nearly 1.3 billion, China’s population is roughly four times the size of the U.S. Yet, their quality of life is abysmal when compared to the average American. A large percentage of their population lives below the poverty line, coupled with pollution issues, and limited job/career prospects.

Stock Market Fire Drill.

When it comes to the market, whom do you believe? The Bears, which are screaming the sky is falling at the top of their lungs while trying to quietly shore up their “shorted position”, or the Bulls which are focusing on investing in American based companies while also helping to develop the U.S’ small cap market. More often than not, the market is impacted by propaganda then a logical circumstance. If the Bears are able to get the market to play along, they are not only vindicated for being wrong but they are able to secure a substantial profit. It is important not to get caught up in the hysteria surrounding the global economy and China. The Chinese economy is starting to cool off, but it is important to educate novice investors of the opportunity available at hand. The uncertainty in the Eurozone with Greece getting yet another bailout, and the perceived economic machine better known as the Peoples’ Republic of China starting to run out of gas, will lead both foreign and domestic investors back to the U.S. Small Cap Market. Investors will be looking to recoup their losses from the uncertainness of what is going to happen with Eurozone and China in particular.

An Objective Opinion.

Edward Panos, one of the managing members at “Brideges360”, was able to offer some candid insight in regards to China and the overall state of the global economy at present. Mr. Panos went on to say, “I disagree with the Fed’s choice to not raise interest rates. We should have raised the interest rate by at least a quarter of a percentage point. This would have fueled additional economic growth into the small cap markets bringing confidence back to U.S. stock indexes. Everyone is essentially waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is pretty clear when you see the VIX indicator at one point moved up $8 dollars in just a half day of trading. The media keeps stoking the flames with inaccurate information. Continued economic development and investment in the U.S. small cap sector will help bring calm to the marketplace. We need the Fed to invest in America. Raising interest rates will signal to investors that the Fed is standing behind the U.S. economy, and believes it is strong enough to warrant raising interest rates”. Mr. Panos closed by saying, “After months of economic international failures, the U.S. economy remains strong. Unfortunately, all markets can be susceptible to irrational selling or panic selling, but U.S’ small cap market is posed to absorb that volatility. The U.S. economy is resilient. Once we get past these next few months of panic from the novice investors we should see a return to normalcy”.

Edward F. Panos' Wealth of Experience

January 15, 2016
Edward F. Panos is a businessman who has been involved in a number of ventures over the years. This is putting it mildly, to be fair, he has significant experience because he has been involved in a range of industries through numerous companies. Ed Panis has worked to become an expert in his field by experiencing different industries and studying business, both through founding his own businesses and consulting for others.

Edward F. Panos is the co-founder of a number of companies, which have gone on to become successful. This includes companies like Bridges360 LLC, an alternative performance fund that he helped establish. He also co-founded Language Access Network, Inc., a video interpretation company that works in the medical field, and a crowdfunding platform that has focused on fund-raising for independent films and film companies called Indie Film Funding Inc. Panos is proud to be affiliated with the ventures and businesses that he has helped to found.

The eighteen years Edward F. Panos has spent in the business world has been as a venture capitalist and a start-up entrepreneur. He spent eight years working with Panos Industries LLC, a firm he founded. Panos Industries LLC existed to invest in and build high-growth and small-cap businesses. He has also worked as a business consultant for numerous companies, working in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, corporate awareness marketing, earn outs, corporate restructuring, and structuring.